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Exercise Accuracy Usability
< 2%, high low, > 20% unusable GPS LPS TG LG 1C 10C SPH
Cost/player or device/year (top tier)   € 350. 700 250 650 0
Cost/player or device/year (mid tier)   € 120. 200 75 150 0
Initial/one time, average system cost (15 players) incl. software for 1 year (top tier)   € 12000 35000 2500 1800 smart phone 250000 1400
Initial/one time, average system cost (15 players) incl. software for 1 year (mid tier)   € 4500 7000 500 150 100 7000 200
Ball tracking x v x x v
Sensor integration v v x x x x x
GPSGlobal Positioning System 1C180 degree camera, center-line POV
LPSLocal Positioning System (UWB) 10C10 UHD+ cameras around the pitch
TGTiming Gate, typical cost € 900 SPHSmartPhone (cam), typical cost € 300
LGLaser Gun, typical cost € 500 ALLClick on 'Usability' icons to filter
Most clubs/athletes use a combination of popular technologies like GPS and single POV (point of view) camera solutions and/or timing gates.
LPS is an upcoming integrated technology which largely replaces GPS, timing gates, laser gun, single cam and single heart rate belt into 1 solution.
Increasing accuracy and lowering labor to combine data from different systems.

WARNING System accuracy appears to be a widely overlooked criteria in sports.
All systems produce numbers to judge performance, but are they correct?
A car speedo meter with an accuracy of 20% would be unacceptable.
In sports such inaccuries go un-noticed and lead to a mismatch between opinion of the athlete on performance and the data itself.

One of the reasons to publish the data of many different systems is to provide an overview and proof of the realworld performance of different system.
What they best used for in daily life in the sports arena.
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Placement of the items in the chart. What does it mean? Examples:
compare sports tracking The system will provide values. These values have no relation to realworld performance.
Not useable for performance conclusions